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Trout Lake Moraine

The western shore of Trout Lake is registered as a Nature Reserve to protect the Trout Lake Moraine. A Moraine is a very unique land formation, which hosts unique plants and animals that are not common elsewhere in the far north.

When the glaciers moved across Ontario during the last ice age, they scraped uncountable tons of soil exposing the Canadian Shield rock and forming the thousands of lakes that are found in Ontario today. When the glaciers melted, very unique land formations were left behind, which come under three main classifications: Drumlins, Eskers and Moraines.

Eskers are ridges of sand and gravel deposited by streams that flowed through tunnels at the base of the glacier.

Drumlins are formed by hollow areas in the glacier that are filled with gravel, sand and rocks while the glaciers moved across the land. A Drumlin is left when the glacier melted.

Moraines are formed when rocks, sand and gravel that are trapped in the ice at the front face of a glacier are deposited when the glacier started to melt or retreat. Moraines show the farthest that the glacier reached before retreating.

The Trout Lake Moraine Nature Preserve is available for our guests to explore and enjoy.

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