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Fishing Regulations

Pick up your copy of the Ontario Fishing Regulations at the lodge counter.

Catch Limit: The number of fish that you are allowed in possession- daily- this includes your fish in the freezer, in the fridge, on your stringer and also fish eaten each day are included in your daily catch limit. When travelling home you are only allowed to have your daily limit with you. If you aren't clear on this, please ask us.

Freezing Fish: Each fish packaged for the freezer must be wrapped 1 fish per package, frozen flat, with a large patch of skin (at least 2 inches) left on each fillet for identification purposes. Each fish must be labelled with fish specie (e.g. W for Walleye, N for Northern and L.T. for Lake Trout), have the cottage number (e.g. C#5) and also the first initial and last name. (E.G. if John Smith froze a walleye and he stayed in Cottage 3, his frozen fish would be labelled - W C#3 J. Smith No exceptions please.

Size Limits: Are the same for both sport fishing and conservation. To measure the fish accurately, measure from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail with the lobes compressed.

Bait Restrictions: Smelt are not allowed

Ontario Fishing Regulations Page - We are in zone 4

Walleye Regulations:

  • Limit: 4 Walleye with a sport license. 2 Walleye with a conservation license.
  • Restrictions: Only 1 fish can be greater than 18 inches.
  • Open Season: May 16 (3rd Saturday) to December 31 - January 1 to April 14

  • Northern Pike Regulations:

  • Limit: 4 pike with a sport license. 2 pike with a conservation license.
  • Restrictions: No fish between 27.5 in. and 35.5 inches and only one greater than 35.5 in.
  • Open Season: Open All Year
  • Booi's Restrictions: Booi Island Law in effect for guests, staff & all Booi's, no northern pike are to be kept greater than 27 inches. All pike over this size must be released back into the waters of Trout Lake. Perma-mount trophies, which do not require the dead fish, can be made. These mounts only require a description of the trophy and a picture if you have it. Want more info on perma-mounts? Ask Jim or Tracy. Thank you for doing your part in conserving Trout Lake's trophy pike fishery. It's appreciated and noted.

    Lake Trout Regulations:

  • Limit: 2 Lake Trout with a sport license. 1 Lake Trout with a conservation license.
  • Restrictions: Only 1 fish can be greater than 22 inches from September 1 to September 30.
  • Open Season: January 1 to September 30.

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