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Fly-in Northern Pike Fishing

Are you looking for some thrilling pike action? Primed for some rousing fights? Get ready to experience pike fishing of a lifetime. Over the years we've had many guests catch countless big pike in the 20 to 32 lb. trophy size. Catch 6 to 12 pounders faster than you can get them off the hook. There are many spots here in Trout Lake where large trophy pike call home. Here's where to get them; spring and summer.

In the spring you'll find the monsters in mouths of creeks and in the shallow sandy bays bordered by vegetation such as reeds or marsh. Don't forget your polaroid shades so you can sight-fish for these shallow water pike. Cast in front of them with a jig and a Slug-Go, 4 inch spoon or a large crank bait. Watching that 30 pounder attack your lure is a wild way to get your big one.

In the summer, the northern will be deeper away from the heat. Key areas are cabbage beds and points. Some will suspend off small islands and weed covered humps. The hotter the day, the deeper the fish will be out in the weeds. Cast or troll using big spoons, crank baits or spinners along the ridges. This time of year the northerns are ready for battle, slamming your lure with a force. Lots of 20 lb.+ Northerns are fought and released during these summer months of July and August. You'll have an exhilarating hair raising time fighting these northern gators.

As the weather cools down and the fall season hits us, the pike move out of the deeper water. They're back on the reefs and the weedbeds and are bigger and better from a summer of feeding. The chilly northern nights invigorate them; they are on a feeding frenzy getting their fill before freeze-up draws near. Try trolling with a big crankbait, or casting with a red and white Dardevle. Vary the speed of your retrieve and occasionally pump your lure. Fall pike fishing is furious!

Northern Pike Gallery 1 | Northern Pike Gallery 2 | Northern Pike Gallery 3

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