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Fly-in Walleye Fishing

You will capture walleyes of immense size during the spring, summer and fall. The walleyes in this gin-clear lake feed on an abundant insect forage base. They gorge on crayfish, leeches, shiners, small perch and ciscoes too. With such an abundance and diversity of food, Trout Lake's walleyes are large and healthy fish with many in the trophy class.

In the spring, you'll catch 50 walleyes or more per day averaging up to 3 pounds each. You can catch walleyes off rocky points, in the back deep bays, in shallow bays and mouths of creeks. The numbers and average size will astound you, which is why Trout Lake is considered one of the best walleye lakes in Ontario..

In the summer they move to deeper water, sunken reefs and points with drop offs. Now's the time when they average over 4 pounds each, with schools in the 6 to 10 pound size. Summer walleye fishing on Trout Lake is incredible. The walleyes average bigger and more trophies in the 13 pound size are caught in July and August.

Fish for fall walleyes in the sunken reefs and deep drop offs. You'll find them. They're on a feeding spree now, getting ready for the lean times of winter. Take advantage of it and catch dozens per day in the 2 to 3 pound size. Catch trophies averaging 10 to 12 pounds.

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