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Canadiana Fine Dining On Trout Lake:

While on the island, feast on Booi's Canadiana cuisine prepped by our talented Canadian cooks.

Be flexible. Your cottage has a modern kitchen so cook if you wish or simply reserve meals while you're on the island.

What would you like for breakfast? Your morning meal is made-to-order. Choose the many choices from the menu below.

You can lunch in the lodge or choose Trout Lake's shore. We invite you Sunday thru Thursday for complimentary shorelunch days with all the fixings. (Please read "Free Shorelunches" section for more details.)

Evening time on the island is fine dining - Booi Style. A unique Canadian flavour is offered each day. Your delectable dinner includes a starter, home-made bread or rolls, main course, dessert and drinks of your choice. Which feasts tempt you from the menu below? Reserve one, some or all your meals.

Take a break from cooking; enjoy a meal, some, or all in the lodge.

Take a look at our menu below and simply reserve the night before the unique Canadian flavour you'd love to feast on. Talented Booi cooks prepare your delectable suppers that include a starter, home-made bread or rolls, your main course, tempting desserts, and non-alcoholic drinks of your choice. Which meal lures you? Each dinner is only $42.99 per person+ taxes+ gratuities in Cdn. funds.

  • Booi's Breakfast Menu (Adobe Acrobat - .pdf)

  • Booi's Canadiana Dining Menu (Adobe Acrobat - .pdf)

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