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The place is paradise to us.

Alan & Alex Krupa
Awed Lake Guests - 2009

I just wanted to say thanks for the great time we had at your outpost. My nephew and I had the time of our lives and it was all because you prepared us and did everything you could to make the trip enjoyable. I would highly recommend your outfit to anyone and actually we plan to come again soon.

Rick Schroeder
A more than happy Lake guest - 2009

Thanks to all at Booi's for everything that made our week spectacular (friendly cabin service, trouble-free boat servicing, above & beyond fish smoking, great dining, out of this world storytelling, etc., etc.).

Now I know what Heaven might be. I hope conservative policies can maintain the pristine environment and absolutely world-class fishing for generations to come. One of the best parts was struggling to find fish that weren't TOO BIG!

I could never say enough about Trout Lake or Booi's staff, etc. so I will close by saying that I'll be back!

Seth Davis
A happy Trout Lake guest - 2009

Testimonials About Booi's

My wife and I just returned from a week at Boois and WE WILL BE BACK! This lodge is much more than what you see on their website, which in itself is awesome.

Its housekeeping or you can purchase any meal that you would like at the lodge. There is a complimentary T-bone steak night every Monday where it's grilled the way you want it. The cabins are new two stories. For the wife and I we had two bedrooms, one with a king bed, two bathrooms, living room with leather sofa and loveseat. Two decks over the water, kitchen with microwave, dishwasher, full size frig and a chest freezer. This is all on a 5 acre island on Trout Lake, which is 86,000 acres with 365 islands and only a 20 minute flight from Red Lake.

The boats were big-18' with 25hp Honda 4 strokes. Follow the guides to fishing spots and a predetermined shore lunch spot each day. They do it all. It was a nice gathering in the middle of the day to exchange tips, strategy and lies.

We caught lots of walleye in the 23-27" range bottom bouncing with crawlers in 15-20' of water. We caught lots of lake trout in 90' of water both trolling with Little Cleos and jigging with a white 2oz jig tipped with a twister tail. The boys in the cabin next to us caught and released a 30# lake trout on our last day there.

The owners, Jim and Tracy Booi and their staff go out of their way from 6am until 9pm to make sure your stay is anything and everything that you want.

I am just another hillbilly from Missouri who realizes I am not in Canada anymore, but wish I was, as I type this from work in Springfield, MO!

Bill Ackermann
Booi guest since 2003

In 2007, our group will be celebrating its 25th consecutive year with Booi's Fly-in Lodge and Outposts. We have been fortunate to have found what we consider to be the premier destination for a true fly-in Canadian fishing experience.

Our trips date back to earlier days that we shared with Ron and Ardi Booi, to the present day operations commanded by Jim and Tracy. During those years, we have had the pleasure of watching your camp grow from a relatively rustic operation, to what has now become an outstanding example of a lodge and fishery situated in a wilderness location. We have always appreciated your commitment toward excellence regarding your facilities, equipment and services. Perhaps more importantly, we have always appreciated the personal attention given to us regarding any of our concerns, needs or requests. They have always been addressed in a timely and positive manner.

During the periods of time that we spend apart, we have time to reflect upon the numerous memorable experiences that we have had at Booi's, and we encourage other individuals to join us in sharing our good fortune. We certainly anticipate our yearly return to your lodge.

Oh, did we mention our rating of Trout Lake's Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout fishing? In a word…OUTSTANDING!

Praises are certainly in order in regards to the great job that you have done with your camp and we wish you continued success. You have certainly made our yearly stays both pleasurable and enjoyable, while having made us feel like honored guests.

On behalf of all of the members of our group…Thank you…EH!

Tony Stumbris
Booi Guest Yearly Since 1983

Tracy and Jim, I am back in my corporate cube working this morning and really wishing I was at Trout Lake fishing again. The trip for Tyler and me was wonderful, even better than last year and last year was great. The fishing was excellent and we learned to trout fish (we are still talking about vertical casting), the wildlife sightings of moose, caribou, and bald eagles was an extra treat, and the help from all of the employees was greatly appreciated.

I travel quite a bit for business and pleasure and this is one of my favourite trips because it is truly a relaxing vacation and the cell and blackberry don't work at your resort and it makes it easy for me to concentrate on fishing and Tyler and puts me in RELAX mode very quickly.

Also I reviewed the bill again (I'm a banker) and I saw the pleasant surprise of Tyler being charged only half price. I didn't expect that but appreciated it very much. Thanks.

Again, we love coming up there each year and it is definitely becoming a tradition. We will see u next year. Thanks for providing great memories for Tyler and me.

Mike Raarup
Booi guest since 2006

This is the closest thing to heaven on earth.

Roger Reuter
Booi Island Guest Since 2002

I have never had a more enjoyable/pleasant/exceptional experience then I have had @ Booi's every time that we have been up there! (I truly mean it.) I think about you & your family & Booi’s Lodge very often. I can't wait till I come back up to Booi's & enjoy the wonders of your lodge. I could pencil a trip up to Booi's every summer with my 2 boys, Skyler 6 & Maxwell 4. I will make it happen SOON! Hope all is well with you and your family! Only wish you the best!

Scott Hepler
Cottage Grove, WI
Booi Guest Since 1996

The scenery is awe inspiring and unequal with the fishing. We see moose, bald eagles everywhere and many other forms of wildlife. Best of all is the helpful staff, always on call and always friendly. The shore lunches are delicious and the accommodations are just right. What more can I say? We will be back tomorrow, I mean next year!

Jim Kendrick & son Charlie
Florence, S.C.
Booi Island Guest since 2002


How could the fishing get better? Howard ranked last week in the top 5 of all his years of coming to Trout Lake since 1970. He said the consistency of last week was very high. We caught between 1500 and 2000 fish. Another trip highlight was that Gary, Dan and myself combined to catch and release 23 Lake Trout in the 5 to 12 lb. range behind Booi's Island on Tuesday- in only 2 hours of fishing. None were taken out of the water.

George Gmach
Rogers, Mn
Booi Island Guestt since 2001

The 4 youngsters in the group caught over 750 walleyes and northerns last week on artificial lures. The 7 adults did not keep count. The largest fish was a 46" northern caught by Austin on 6 lb. Test with no leader. The northern was trying to eat 18" walleyes while they were caught and being reeled in on the line. The northern was measured and released as were all northerns over 27.5"

Howard Dahlheimer Group
Plymouth, MN
Booi Island Guest since 1970

Booi's is a fantastic place to catch fish even if you are a novice. One morning I caught 45 walleye with only 4 of them under 20". Average walleye is 22" to 26", which is about 3lb to 5.5 lb. per walleye. Also, Lake Trout offers you a fabulous third fish that runs 4 lb. to 50 lb. Northern Pike are the best fighting fish. In July, the 4 of us boated over 400 fish in less than 6 days.

Our group has been to over 6 different places in Canada and Boois is the best. We plan to keep coming back, already booked for next year with 10 of us. We're very picky and usually never go to the same place twice, but since our Booi Trip we keep coming back to them for more.

Bob Schulz
Ottawa, Il
Booi Island Guest since 2001

My son called it his best vacation ever. I never caught so many big fish, especially the Northern pike.

Jim Kendrick & son Charlie
Florence, S.C.
Booi Island Guest since 2002

The fish put up the best fight I ever had. "Dad, please put the camera down & grab the net first next time."

Matt Kuly (comes with his Dad Steve)
West Chicago, IL
Booi Island Guest Since 2001

The fishing far exceeded our expectations. I got a walleye over 27 inches! Warren got a huge trophy northern! It's our last evening and yet we haven't begun to discover all that this lake has to offer.

Darlene and Warren Owens
Booi Island Guest Since 2002

The fishing was so good that after going home for a week in early June, I just had to come back for another week in July. I am happy to say both weeks were the best fishing I have ever experienced. Many northern over 40" and 27-30" walleyes were common. - Thanks for the great times Jim and Tracy.

Mike Quinnett
McHenry, IL
Booi Island Guest Since 2002 in Spring and Summer- 2 trips in 2002

2002 was my first time- at Boois. Biggest and best fishing I've had in years.

Alan Meier with son Calvin
Dubuque, IA
Booi Island Guest Guest Since 2002

The fishing is excellent for all 3 species- walleye, pike and lake trout.

Bob Noll
Apple Valley, MN
Booi Island Guest Guest Since 2001

Fishing experience exceeds our expectations. Thank you Jim and Tracy for a fabulous vacation, great fishing and super friendly family and employees.

Harvey & Joan - The Perusse Group
St Paul, MN
Booi Island Guest Guest Since 2002

My first walleye caught here was 26.5"- the biggest walleye I ever caught and I have been fishing 26 years. Then- my first northern caught here was 32"- also my biggest northern ever. Gee, what a great start within the first hour of a great week of fishing.

Steve Buss with son Drew
McHenry, IL
Booi Island Guest and Summer Guest Since 2002

The fishing is the best I've ever seen. I plan on coming back for many more years!

Dave Kelley
Burr Oak, MI
Booi Island Guest Guest Since 1997

As you know, I brought up my 2 sons who have never been to a camp like this or have they ever been to Canada fishing before. They both caught trophy fish in Trout, Walleye, and Northern. Needless to say we had a ball! Trout Lake has always provided us with a lot of large big fish.

Mike Osborne
Pleasant Valley, IA
Booi Island Guest Guest Since 2000

Our week of fishing was great with many 4-6+ lb. walleyes and several big pike. The highlight of the week was watching my wife catch the two huge trout.

Mark & Donna Lewandoski
Rothschild, WI
Booi Island Guest Guests Since 2001

We caught and released over 285 fish in our boat. Averaged about 54 fish a day. We know we'll do as well on the next 2 trips this year- and many more years to come.

Len & Dave Anderson
These brothers take 3 trips per year
Menahga & Hastings, MN
Booi Island Guest Since 1987

On a sunny Saturday at noon of all times, we had the best walleye fishing of our lives! We boated over 40- 2lb walleyes in a little over an hour between the two of us. We thought we'd never have it better but were wrong…the last day of the trip we landed 44 BIG walleyes and 8 HUGE pike. The averaged sized walleye was 24" long, close to 5 lb. Back in /97 the walleyes averaged 21-23" long- average size has increased I noticed over the years.

The whole week was a blur of great fishing, from the first day to the last! What a lake! My family has been going to Booi's Island since 1979 and Bill's Point is named after my grandfather.

Tim Roberts
Brownsville, WI
Booi Island Guest Since 1979

Morning of May 19th, 2 boats- Ed- 26.5 lb pike, Scott- 24 lb pike, Jake 21 lb pike & Jim a 19 lb pike. This happened all within 1 ½ hours. Thought it couldn't be topped till we fished walleye that afternoon. In less than 2 hours, our boats caught and released over 30 walleyes ranging from 5 to 8 lbs each. One of the best fishing days yet!

Ed Dolan & Group
Riverside, IA
Booi Island Guest Since 1973

Lots of fish caught here at Booi's. Been here since 1999 and we enjoy ourselves here every year.

Dan Stegeman
McHenry, IL
Booi Island Guest Since 1999

Fought a very nice 46 inch Northern on an ultra-light rig with 4 lb test and a jig, released of course. Thanks again for a wonderful four days of fishing.

Lee Zanin
Minneapolis, MN
Booi Island Guest since 1998


I just want to take a moment to say that I had the best week ever at Trout Lake. Not only the fishing and weather was wonderful, but also I was impressed with the very nice young people who helped us during our stay. My hat goes off to the both of you for your efforts every year to raise the bar of excellence. Again, thanks for a wonderful time. I know I also speak for Bruce, Steve, Jerry, John and Eric.

Leonard Slotkowski, Jr.
Oak Park, Il
Booi Island Guest since 1991

You folks didn't miss a trick. We were afraid to talk because whatever we said, even joking, you accommodated us.

Steve Kuly
West Chicago, Il
Booi Island Guest guest since 2001

Thanks again for making Diane's first visit very special. We both had a great time. Your staff is exceptional. The dock boys are very helpful- always there to assist us. The housekeeping ladies are very pleasant. Special thanks again to Nick for lending his fishing equipment.

You both know how much I like to visit here every summer. Wow, great accommodations, good fishing, and of course friends to visit with. Dianne will be back, and of course, me too.

Joe Maielli
Chicago Heights, IL
Booi Island Guest since 1994
(Brought his wife Diane first time in 2002)

Awesome, fantastic and another wonderful stay. The staff are the greatest. Our short trip to Lake was a blast. Our 3rd Honeymoon- married 50 years- two old timers having a great time again with the Boois. Just another super trip!

Ron & Dorothy Herman
Allegan, MI
Booi Island Guest since 2000

We always have a great trip and you two (Jim and Tracy) are a major reason why. The staff are also friendly and always helpful.

Kevin Kumpf
Madison, Wi
Booi Island Guest since 1998

Great trips, great hosts and excellent meals. What more could you ask for?

Al Groncki
Yreka, CA
Booi Island Guest since 1997

Another wonderful time, all the workers are friendly and helpful. Your shore lunches are delicious and fun and a great way to meet all the people. We at cottage 9 love our stay and we'll always be back for more. Thanks again for another wonderful stay at Boois.

Steve Schmidt & sons
McHenry, IL
Booi Island Guest since 1996

Fishing is very good, service is wonderful, dock boys are very helpful, and the cottage is roomy and clean. Jim and Tracy you are very good hosts.

Ken McGill
Lake Tomahawk, WI
Booi Island Guest since 1999

From our first trip on, what a great choice Boois turned out to be. Plenty of fishing with good success. Your crew has shown great professionalism. They treat us as though we own the place. Thanks for always being there when needed.

John & Justin Duchemin
St. Paul, MN
Booi Island Guest since 2002
(Noll group since 2001)

Going the extra mile to help a client shows what a class act business you run! Your hospitality is very much appreciated.

Mike Kramer
Eagan, MN
Booi Island Guest since 2000

Everything is very, very good as usual.

Terry Meier
New Hampton, IA
Booi Island Guest since 1998

Again, great show of Canada and Booi Family hospitality.

Dan Richmann
Maple Grove, MN
Booi Island Guest since 1984

Thank you so much, Jim and Tracy, for giving us precious memories of our 30th anniversary. Loved the "champagne cooling in the minnow bucket" and the birch bark card.

Warren & Darlene Owens
Booi Island Guest since 2002

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness. You make us feel wanted. We've had another wonderful week. Everyone- all staff has been more than helpful! The shore lunches were delicious.

Margaret Ramos
Portage, MI
Booi Island Guest since 1998

Everyone offers his or her assistance. If you have a need or a want- they are there to help. Anxious to come back again!

Paul Wojiciak
Hibbing, MN
Booi Island Guest guest since 1998- 2 Summer Booi Trips per year

We had another great time! The staff were exceptionally helpful and had a great attitude. Definitely back again, see you next year!

Bob Noll with son Tom
Apple Valley, MN
Booi Island Guest Guest since 2001

All the hard work of the Booi family is quite evident as you look around the island.

Warren Owens
Booi Island Guest Guest since 2002

Jim, thanks for taking my dad and brother to Lake for the day. They had a great time. What a super week of fishing, count on us back for another Booi Trip!

Jason Rademacher
North Branch, MN
Booi Island Guest Guest Since 2002

We have a great time! The fishing is exceptional and all of the help is great- so are the 2 of you! That's what really makes our vacations- you and your staff. Everyone treats us as if we are someone special. I really appreciate everything you do for all of us.

Larry & Pat Bistline
Runnells, IA
Booi Island Guest Guests Since 2001

I am looking forward to the time that I can bring my grandsons as my dad did this year, and maybe in a few years you will have 4 generations of Osborne's visiting you for a week in August.

Mike Osborne
Pleasant Valley, IA
Booi Island Guest Guest Since 2000

This is a great place for couples. Boois offer a true Canadian wilderness experience- with all the comforts! The accommodations, the staff, the very personable service and the shore lunches- all a treat!

Mark & Donna Lewandoski
Booi Island Guest Guests Since 2001

We will continue to recommend Boois to anyone interested in fishing. All the people are a "quality" bunch! We look forward to it- see you next summer!

Bob & Jan Wuebben
Appleton, WI
Booi Island Guest Guests Since 2001

It's been 2 months since I left Booi's and I'm still feeling good from the trip!

Tim Roberts
Brownsville, WI
Booi Island Guest Guest Since his grandfather first came in 1979

Tracy: A wonderful experience fishing out of Booi's this year. Lynn and I have been flying in to different Canadian lodges for over [20] years, with this year the first to your place. The others were either: Pretty good fishing - not so good accommodations, or Very good accommodations - just okay fishing.

Booi's is certainly head-and-shoulders above the rest, just the best! I've tried to think of what you could improve on, and I really I can't come up with anything. We are already counting the days until next year.

Ed Cook
Booi Island Guest Since 2001

Thanks to Jim being an outfitter, pilot, carpenter, surgeon & probably about a zillion other things, he got the hook out and it healed up fine! That big pike was jumping all over the place in the boat while the hook was stuck in my leg. It was enough to make most people pass out just looking at it. Thanks again Jim.

Joe Ringling
Chesterfield, MO
Booi Island Guest Since 1996

Testimonials from Long Time Booi Island Guests

I heard my father talk about Canadian Fishing but thought it was a thing of the past. "I WAS WRONG". Fishing like the good old boys talked about is alive and well at Booi's Fly-In Lodge.

Mark Schwickerath
New Hampton, IA
Booi Island Guest Since 1979

I've been acquainted with the Booi's for over 50 years, when I fished at Jim's granddad's lodge back in 1950. We have been coming to Booi's Fly-In for over 20 years now. Our children, relatives and close friends have been your guests and all of us agree the accommodations, equipment and fishing can't be beat. I have fished in Ontario all my adult life and your place is the best.

Ron & Judi Deal
Concordia, KS
Booi Island Guests since the 70's
Booi Guest since 1950

The boys are already talking about next year. That'll make it our 11th year in a row. I've enjoyed every trip; each year keeps getting better. I can tell we are more than customers to you. Your friendship is greatly appreciated.

Bob Binger
Middleton, WI
Booi Island Guest since 1995

There is nothing anywhere in Ontario that compares in price, quality of accommodations, the superb hospitality of both Jim and Tracy and the size and amount of fish caught.

Bill Holland
Hamilton, Ontario
Booi Island Guest since 1994

The fishing is always excellent. Every year the service and the facilities get better. The country is beautiful and the hospitality is great. Those are only a few of the many reasons why I've been coming to Booi's Fly-In Lodge for more than 30 years.

Ted and Mary Dee Dykstra
Knoxville, IA
Booi Island Guest since 1969

We members of the Dahlheimer group have been coming to Booi's since 1970. Several other groups have been formed as a spin-off from our group.

Howard Dahlheimer Group
Plymouth, MN
Booi Island Guest since 1970

Booi's is a once in a lifetime fishing trip that is so good, you will find a way to fish at Booi's more than once.

Todd Witthoeft
Land O'Lakes, Fl
Booi Island Guest Since 1996

This year marks my 25th year to Booi's. Each trip is relaxing, exciting and obviously addictive. The fish have always been plentiful. My memorable time is the "one that got away". I fought for 1 hr. & 15 minutes with 14 lb. line to land either a large, large trout or a small hippo while other boats circled offering encouragement. It broke free, must have been a trout. I never got it to the surface; a hippo would have come to eat the boat. I've been fighting and releasing; I swear- the same 46" Northern pike! The atmosphere at Booi's Island is, in itself, enough to keep me coming back. Your welcome is always genuine and your family warm and helpful. Can't wait till next year.

Joe Malott
Crawfordsville, IN
Booi Island Guest since 1979

I've been coming to Booi's Fly-In Lodge for 31 years. I've brought many groups and during the last few years, my grand son. That makes 3 generation of us that comes to Booi's. The fishing is hard to believe. There are great numbers of walleye, lake trout and big northern pike. With all the times that I have been on the lake, the big boats and motors have never let me down. I have stayed in all their cabins and they are all comfortable. Being able to take a warm shower after a day on the lake is great, not to mention the clean towels. Stop by the lodge…you can always get a cup of coffee and some good conversation from Jim, Tracy, their children, Ardi and all the lodge attendants. You can't find a better bunch of people. From experience, I know that Booi's will fill your needs whether it's your first trip or your 30th! They are always smiling and ready to take care of you. If you want to catch many, many fish, see a lot of wildlife, have a great time and forget all your troubles, then I suggest you go to Booi's Fly-In Lodge.

Glen and Pat Thompson and Family
Monticello, KY
Booi Island Guests since 1972

We are hooked on Booi's! They provide such a great fly-in fishing experience that we've never looked anywhere else. We are always impressed with the service shown to the customers-The Booi Family knows how to cater to the comforts and needs of the fishermen. Life on the mosquito free island is easy and carefree, with a beautiful huge gazebo for sharing the days' fish stories or playing cards, and the large bonfire area is great for relaxing into the darkness of a perfect Canadian starry night.

Scott and Julie Schulz
Cloquet, MN
Booi Island Guests since 1997

I started coming to Booi's 12 years ago; was impressed then and still am. A warm welcome from the Booi's, trained helpful staff, a comfortable cabin, excellent boats and motors…all this plus great fishing. See you next year.

Dave Kraft
Freeport, IL
Booi Island Guest since 1992

Jim will fillet fish with his double bladed axe, or with his giant Bowie Knife, and do it better than most people can with a fancy fillet knife. Lots of laughs are had in the fish house. Staying at Booi's Island is not like staying at a hotel or a typical lodge. The island is their lives and we become part of it. The best moment is flying in to the island, seeing it again from the air. It is a thrill to pull up to the dock and get a hug from Tracy, and a handshake, along with a tall tale from Jim about his winter adventures. After several years on the island, seeing Jim and Tracy is like seeing family. They are the genuine article and really care about their guests having a special time on Trout Lake. Year after year the same guests come back. We enjoy the warmth of renewing friendships and we exchange pictures and e-mails with friends made at Booi's Island throughout the year. See you next year.

Jim Brauker
San Diego, CA
Booi Island Guests since 1995

As you know, your vacation get-away has become one of our favourite places ever. Great fishing, beautiful scenery, wildlife, comfortable cabins and a great staff await us. We are continually awe struck by the beauty of the area and the limitless "honey holes". Thanks to all at Booi's for making our weeks at Trout Lake such wonderful times.

Larry and Karla Toelke
Rock City, IL
Booi Island Guests since 1992

Since 1995 I have recommended Booi's to countless groups, and they have all returned each year. Besides the outstanding hospitality, Trout Lake is unique because the fishing is so outstanding for all 3 species- walleye, trout and northern pike. Each day is a new adventure.

Don Scharbarth
Minocqua, WI
Booi Island Guest since 1995

Last day…..July 25… trout weighed 17 lb. and my son Addison, his was a healthy 14 lb. Did you time it this way Jim? You've got us hooked again. See you next year.

Blake and Addison Nelson
Odessa, FL
Booi Guests since 1996

I've made many pleasant annual visits to Booi's since the first year Jim's Dad and Mom started the lodge in 1969. Along with many fellow companions over the years, I've always enjoyed and anticipated the comradeship and the excitement of superior fishing. Now, at the age of 88, I look forward to being with Jim and Tracy next year when the entire male contingent of our family rendezvous for a week once more.

Dick Schlecht
Danville, IL
Booi Island Guest since 1969
Booi Guest since 1945

Hard to find the walleyes small enough to keep-Virgin Fishing! Only go fishing once a year and it's with the Booi's.

George Leveille Sr.
Elmhurst, IL

Learned what fishing was really all about at age 13 and I've been back to Booi's every year since.

George Leveille Jr.
Racine, WI
Booi Island Guests since 1997

We are writing this sitting in a beautiful log cabin overlooking Trout Lake. This is our 27th fishing trip to Booi's. Most of our time spent on Trout Lake has been in August. We can attest to the fact the walleyes are bigger and easy to catch this time of year. The summer weather is great. The friendliness and courtesy of the Booi family has been appreciated. The cabins and fishing equipment are second to none in the north woods "bush country". We recommend your next fishing trip be at Booi's.

George Ruwe
Carol Stream,IL
Marty Brackin
West Chicago, IL
Booi Island Guests since 1970

The fishing is premium, form spectacular walleyes, to lurking northerns to fighting lake trout. We've fished early-June, mid-July and September. We have always caught fish in anywhere from 5 to 145 feet of water! The variety of fishing tactics for the various species is great because we can never get tired of fishing. We've never been disappointed with the size of the fish either!

Scott and Julie Schulz
Cloquet, MN
Booi Island Guests since 1997

Trout Lake is about fishing, fishing and more fishing. I've never had a bad day of fishing on Trout Lake. I can't count the number of times I've caught more than 50 walleyes in a day, and we're not talking cigar walleyes, the average is over 2 ½ lbs. That's not counting the numbers of northerns that are caught in between the walleyes. One afternoon, I caught and released a 15 lb. and a 19 lb. northern. If I were a better fishermen, I would have caught 2 more 19 lb. plus, that afternoon.

Jim Brauker
San Diego, CA
Booi Island Guests since 1995

Great place, great people, excellent fishing, and congenial groups. Just a fantastic place. My 12th trip and counting.

Ed Groncki
Rockford, IL
Booi Island Guest since 1996

Jim and Tracy and their staff do everything possible to make your stay one you will always remember. The fishing is great-- Walleye, Lake Trout and Northern-how about a 10 lb. walleye? We've made 30 trips; come twice each summer (in July and in August); and can't wait for the next trip.

Don and Marion Symonds
Decorah, IA
Booi Island Guests since 1987

For over 23 years I've been fishing Canada, and I keep heading for Booi's. We catch big fish close to camp, actually within eyesight of the island. On the way home to Chicago, we start counting the days till we return to Booi's Island.

Joe Maielli
Chicago Heights, IL
Booi Island Guest since 1994

August 6th-Knew we had a big one. Fought it out for 20 minutes. As soon as we saw it, we knew we were going to release it. A Trout-40 inches long, 25-inch girth. We figure at least 30 lb. We never took it out of the net….back in the lake so he can make more big ones. Trip of a lifetime catching a fish like that.

Matt Bartoli
Rockton, IL
Booi Island Guest since 1997

The big boats are spacious and safe in the open water, they are easy to handle with the 25 H.P. motors and the seats are a godsend in comfort. We are impressed with the dock help and guides as well. They not only send us off for a day of fishing to the hot spots with a clean, dry boat filled with lots of gas, but they also welcome us as we come in at the end of the day, ready to prep the boats and gas for the next day. If there's anything we need, it's here. The dock facility and the fish house are convenient and wonderful to use for cleaning fish.

Scott and Julie Schulz
Cloquet, MN
Booi Island Guests since 1997

I've been coming to Booi's since 1981. The equipment is always top notch, well maintained and dependable. The Booi's and staff are very helpful and friendly and make us feel right at home. The accommodations are very modern, comfortable, clean and well maintained. The fishing at Booi's is superb with large plentiful walleyes, tackle-busting northerns and powerful lake trout. The scenery is gorgeous there. I've gained many lifelong memories at Booi's.

Bill Neunsinger
Cedar Falls, IA
Booi Island Guest since 1981

I've been going to Booi's for 23 years. My buddy Rube Goehrig has been going for 30 years and Larry Mennenga has been going for 25 years. We're definitely hooked. Rube's son Brad has been on 14 trips with us, and for the last 16 years Dave and Len Anderson have come along. These 2 brothers manage to sneak in 2 additional trips each year! (Going spring, summer and fall each year!) We have many fond memories of our fishing trips to Booi's. Each year something new and exciting happens that we talk about for weeks later. See you on the island…

Milo Borich
Waterloo, IA
Booi Island Guest since 1980

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