Fly-in Bow Hunting for Moose

In the month of September, we offer spectacular adventure with our fly-in Moose hunt for bow hunters at our remote outpost cabin on Joyce Lake, which is north of Red Lake, Ontario, and only accessible by air.

This far north, the weather is too unpredictable by the time the rifle hunt starts in October. This is a major concern when your only way out of the wilderness is by floatplane. This is why we just have the bow hunt in September. There is an advantage to having only bow hunters. We receive more adult tags when running a bow hunt, and the savings are passed on to you. This availability of adult tags will give you the opportunity to harvest that giant Moose that you have been seeing in your dreams.

We have 6 bull tags, 2 cow tags and unlimited calf tags for WMU 3 - (Wildlife Management Unit). Moose in our area get big due to the rich vegetation, many lakes and the absence of other hunting outfitters in the area. You and your group will be the only hunters staying at the Joyce Lake outpost cottage.

Your outpost accommodations include a housekeeping outpost cottage right on the lake, boat, motor and gas along with flying your prize out of the bush. As an option, we can purchase all your food and drink ahead of time and have it here waiting for you.

Terrain in the area is typical for Northwestern Ontario. There are wet areas with thinker vegetation, beautiful outcroppings of Canadian Shield Rock and mature stands of Black Spruce, White and Jack Pine, which creates a canopy with little ground vegetation for easy walking.

The hunting adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you. We are just a phone call away (Toll Free: 1-(888) 879-2664) or email us.

There are some rules that bow hunters should be aware of:

  • By law, your bow must have a 50-lbs. pull or better for Moose. A 60-lbs. pull or better is highly recommended.
  • When taking a shot, the Moose has to be 20 yards or closer.
  • Do not hit the Moose in the shoulder as that will only wound the Moose and cause suffering.
  • Hunter Orange must be worn at all times while hunting or transporting to-and-from the hunting area during rifle season (Rifle season for bear overlaps bow hunting for Moose). The clothing must be solid hunter orange. Open mesh or camouflage hunter orange does not qualify. The 400 square-inch minimum equates roughly to a solid hunter-orange vest and cap.
  • A 100-grain broadhead is the best size to use and it must be sharp.
  • Please examine the situation completely. You can only harvest the animal, which your tag specifies (Bull, Cow, Calf).
  • Residents must be at least 15 years old and non-residents must be 16 years old to hunt in Ontario.
  • Hunters need to bring their old hunting license and proper personal identification.
  • Crossbows can be used.
  • When hunting from a boat, you can not take a shot unless the boat is anchored or tied to a solid object. The motor must be turned off, pulled out of the water and the gas line detached. The water must be calm with no whitecaps.

  • Toll Free: 1-(888) 879-2664 anytime - Email Us:

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